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What is OK TruckPAC?
OK TruckPAC is the non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC) for Oklahoma’s trucking industry. Monies gathered here go directly to the campaign efforts of pro-trucking legislators. Oklahoma state law prohibits corporate (company) contributions. These contributions must be made personally from individuals. It is important to share the PAC contribution opportunity with employees but all contributions must be voluntary. Without a robust OK TruckPAC, we cannot be the “Voice of Trucking” in Oklahoma and someone else’s political view will prevail over yours.

OK TruckPAC versus LSF
OK TruckPAC is the OTA’s PAC. The Legislative Success Fund (LSF) is a separate political fund used in conjunction with the OK TruckPAC. These monies are not given to legislative campaigns but are used in efforts to raise funds and awareness of the PAC or advance legislative agendas. For example, the OTA could host a reception for legislators using these funds but would not contribute these monies directly to their campaign. LSF funds may also be used toward the effort of fundraising activities for the PAC, such as a VIP reception, entertainment, refreshments, printed material and mailings. Unlike PAC contributions, these funds can be made from corporate (company) monies.


How Does this Affect my Contribution? 
By state law, the OK TruckPAC is only allowed to accept funds from personal funds, while the LSF can receive contributions from corporate funds.

Why is OK TruckPAC important?
Public policy and the political climate we face can have a tremendous impact on the overall success of our industry. Through the OK TruckPAC and the LSF we support those officeholders, policymakers and candidates who support our principles and who understand the important issues facing our industry.

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