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The Oklahoma Trucking Association was established in 1932.  It is a non-profit, full-service trade association formed to promote, provide, and protect the interests of the trucking industry within Oklahoma. The OTA is committed to helping its members navigate the daily realities of compliance, enforcement, and legislative regulations that motor carriers face from all levels of government.

OTA members focus on serving the needs of others by delivering services and products in a professional manner that otherwise could create hardship for consumers and bring Oklahoma’s supply chain to a halt.


Today, the Oklahoma Trucking Association is composed of trucking companies that are diverse in size, and types of commodities they transport.  These commercial motor vehicles are accompanied by an equally important membership of allied members who supply the needs of trucking.  Together, they form a strong, cohesive "Voice of Trucking" in Oklahoma to protect and promote the industry and its interests.


The Oklahoma Safety & Security Council (OSSC) is the safety arm of the Oklahoma Trucking Association and is largely comprised of the professional Safety Directors of OTA’s carrier companies.  Their shared experience represents decades of best safety practices in the industry.  OTA’s Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) represents the professional Technicians who keep the industry’s equipment in top form.  This can equate to safer more reliable vehicles on America’s roadways.  Their shared knowledge promotes the latest in commercial motor vehicle technologies for the benefit of all users.


The Oklahoma Trucking Association has developed and maintains close relationships with State and Federal agencies, the Oklahoma Legislature, and our U.S. Congressional delegation.  This keeps the OTA and its members engaged in the constant flow of current trucking issues.  The OTA is also affiliated with the American Trucking Associations and is a key member of ATA’s 50-state federation.


If trucking stops, America stops.  The 9 million professionals employed by this dynamic industry are the backbone of the economy and are deserving of the respect this profession brings.  The OTA is proud to serve those who serve us.

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