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Deregulation is a fact of life, but it hasn’t lessened the administrative and enforcement burden for carriers. Federal agencies continue to come up with more constricting rules. Many states have jumped in with their own regulations, taxes and fees.

Keeping all that straight is becoming more and more of a burden on the industry. It makes sense for trucking companies to unite to protect the interests of the industry and, ultimately, the customers. OTA is a not-for-profit, full-service trade association formed to promote and protect the interests of the trucking industry in Oklahoma.

Membership in OTA provides access to the latest in state and national trucking information. In addition, we have a number of services that can help you cope with the ever-growing complications of the industry.

Government Relations
OTA maintains direct contact with all levels of government. We consistently present trucking’s viewpoint and interests to state and federal officials.

Information Services
A weekly newsletter (Tip Sheet), quarterly magazine, web site, information sheets, RSS feeds, social networking sites, letters and faxes are some of the ways we work to keep you informed of the latest industry news.

Public/Media Relations
OTA takes a proactive approach to both public and media relations. We are always seeking to improve the industry’s image and set the record straight when trucking is attacked.


National Affiliation

By its close ties with the Oklahoma congressional delegation and the American Trucking Associations in Washington D.C., OTA has the benefit of national-level support and expertise in matters all across the spectrum of the trucking industry.

Safety Programs
The Oklahoma Safety Management Council, organizes the state Truck Driving Championships, Fall Safety Seminar and promotes the No-Zone education presentation.

Membership Activities
Members get together throughout the year for a number of professional and recreational activities. These include the Annual Convention, Fall Safety Seminar, Mid-Winter Conference/Safety Awards, Truck Driving Championships, training seminars and golf tournaments.

Education & Training
Education Seminars, often in conjunction with J.J. Keller & Associates, NATMI, American Trucking Associations and other organizations, provide members with important information.

Technology & Maintenance Council
The Technology & Maintenance Council presents a timely and informative monthly meeting that addresses topics that are critical to the transportation industry and beneficial to company maintenance personnel.

Forms & Materials
OTA’s marketing agreement with national company J.J. Keller & Associates provides compliance forms for members at discounted prices if ordered through the OTA office.


OTA offers its members valuable discounts with health insurance and prescription plan cards.

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